Accurate Infrastructure Data, Inc. (A/I/DATA) is a professional service firm and small business established in January, 2005 to provide underground utility investigation, subsurface utility engineering, surveying and mapping services to engineers, surveyors, developers, facility managers, and construction industry professionals. Services include subsurface utility infrastructure records research, investigation, field marking, surveying and depiction or mapping of the location of all types of subsurface utility systems. A/I/DATA employs electro-magnetic (EM) based instruments and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to detect underground utilities. Air-vacuum excavation methods are used to safely expose subsurface utilities so that they can be measured and documented.

The services offered by A/I/DATA are modeled on the industry specifications defined in CI/ASCE 38-02, Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data (ASCE 38-02).

A/I/DATA is engaged with allied professional organizations to stay current with industry trends and to keep informed about issues that affect our clients and fellow professionals. We connect with these industry groups in order to assess their changing needs:

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"We use A/I/DATA on a regular basis. They are a professional organization with great attention to detail. They save our clients money and time by identifying existing utilities early in the design process so they can be dealt with then, as opposed to being discovered during construction."

-J. Robert Green, P.E., Prof. L.S., LEED AP BD+C, Century Engineering Inc.