Staff Qualifications

  • Our staff is licensed in Professional Engineering and Survey disciplines.
  • Field and office personnel are cross trained in technical skills. This drives greater field efficiency and product quality. 
  • We incorporate technological improvements in processes and methods in order to bring the greatest value possible to our customers.
  • Our technical staff averages 10+ years of SUE specific experience and additional experience in related fields. 
  • We invest in staff development with training in various areas including:
    • State of the art remote sensing equipment and procedures
    • Accepted and proven Subsurface Utility Engineering methodologies
    • Temporary traffic control 
    • HAZWOPER training
    • Confined Space Training
    • First Aid and CPR
  • A/I/DATA works in many diverse settings. This gives us the experience to perform well in these types of environments:
    • School sites and academic campuses
    • Medical campuses
    • Military installations
    • Both open and highly secured government facilities
    • Commercial properties
    • Residential settings
    • Urban, suburban and rural settings 
    • Industrial settings
    • Active construction sites

A/I/Data staff

Contact Us

1123 Hanzlik Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21237


"RK&K has been well served by A/I/DATA on numerous projects. A/I/DATA’s assistance in developing an understanding of the underground elements as well as their advice regarding potential conflicts and design remedies has been very useful for RK&K and our clients."

-John A. d’Epagnier, P.E., LEED AP, Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP