Vision & Values

Pencils and designsA/I/DATA serves each customer in a professional way that exceeds their expectations and provides satisfactory solutions to their problems. We provide valuable services that are useful, cost effective, and meet the client’s needs. We pay attention to details through preparation, research, analysis and well-developed work plans.

A/I/DATA grows from within, whenever possible, by hiring well, teaching, training and educating staff and by consistently expecting high standards to be met in all areas of our practice. We treat all staff members well and ethically. Each staff member is recognized and valued for their contributions to our team effort. We tell the truth to co-workers and clients. When in error, we accept responsibility and develop a reasoned plan to recover and move forward. 

A/I/DATA serves the needs of engineers, surveyors, architects, developers and contractors. We educate the customer base about SUE services and how they can be used to manage risks in the land development process. We solve problems by understanding the client’s needs and objectives and using our superior capabilities to accomplish their goals. We provide advice and counsel to clients in order to promote a team-approach to project specific challenges. Teamwork is the foundation of our success.

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1123 Hanzlik Ave.
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"We consider A/I/DATA to be an essential part of any project design team and rely on their extensive knowledge of utility systems, attention to detail, and proven ability to meet budget and schedule requirements to successfully complete projects for our clients. Mike, John, Lisa and the rest of their team are a pleasure to work with, and we recommend A/I/Data’s services for any project where the horizontal and vertical locations of existing underground utility systems may play a critical part in the development of proposed improvements."

-Anthony Olsen, P.E., Senior Vice President, Whitman Requardt and Associates