Subsurface Utility Location Services for Government and Military

Subsurface Utility Location Services for Government and MilitaryThe infrastructure of government and military facilities needs to remain operational at all times. These secure underground utilities are relied upon for daily operations, often 24/7. Unfortunately, utility records and drawings often lack critical information. Don't risk excavation when you don't know the exact location of underground utilities. Let A/I/DATA survey and map the exact location of your subsurface utilities and keep your operations running efficiently. 

  • Determine the locations of underground utilities before they are put at risk by excavation work
  • Identify where utilities are located even in the absence of adequate records
  • Be certain your development plans don't impact secure and critical infrastructure
  • A/I/DATA has experience with many government and military locations and employs U.S. citizens who can pass background checks

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"A/I/Data has been a trusted partner to WBCM on our civil and structural projects. They provide quality utility locating services in a professional and responsive manner. I would recommend them to anyone who needs reliable utility designation or location services."

-Blaine Linkous, P.E., P.H., LEED AP, WBCM