Southern Reinforcement Gas Pipeline, Howard County, Maryland

A/I/DATA, working with the design engineer for this project, performed Quality Level B utility mapping throughout a major portion of the 14 mile route. This allowed the designers to adjust the horizontal alignment of the pipeline to minimize impacts to existing utility infrastructure. We then performed approximately 100 test holes along the route determining precise locations and elevations of existing utilities directly in the path of the proposed pipeline. Armed with this information, the design engineer was able to produce a solid design that was completed with minimal delays in seven months start to finish.

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"A/I/Data has been a trusted partner to WBCM on our civil and structural projects. They provide quality utility locating services in a professional and responsive manner. I would recommend them to anyone who needs reliable utility designation or location services."

-Blaine Linkous, P.E., P.H., LEED AP, WBCM