Safety worker holding In order to get the best information to you, A/I/DATA must put people in the field to obtain utility location data first hand. The safety of our personnel is of paramount concern to us. Here are some ways that we ensure the health and safety of our employees.

  • Weekly toolbox safety meetings are held to remind and reinforce safe thinking and practices.
  • The use of company supplied Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is monitored and enforced to eliminate or mitigate exposure to hazards.
  • Detailed and documented Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) for our work activities are provided and reviewed with employees so that potential hazards are identified and properly addressed.
  • Management and employees are responsible to insure that safety is integrated into everyday execution of work. 

In addition, the information that A/I/DATA provides is incorporated into plans and designs that inform contractors and excavators. Having better information about underground conditions allows for greater work site safety measures and outcomes.

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