Subsurface Utility ServicesUnderground Utility Location

A/I/DATA captures and documents underground utility location data for public, private and institutional clients. We work with you to provide customized service sets based on your specific needs. From scope development and project management to delivery, A/I/DATA provides customized solutions.

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, the staff at A/I/DATA is capable of working in a wide variety of conditions and can overcome any challenge. We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality product that is both accurate and reliable.

Service Sets

Underground Utility Investigation - A/I/DATA uses electromagnetic detection methods to identify and detect public and private utilities. We provide sketches, scaled drawings, or mapped results to our clients.

Test Hole Excavation - We excavate test holes to determine the exact location of existing utilities. We use a powerful vacuum to extract materials into a holding tank.

Private Utility Marking - Records of private systems are often inaccurate and may not be available. Unless these private systems are marked before excavation, the risk of damage or injury is very high.

Ground Penetrating Radar - GPR is a nondestructive method of scanning the subsurface to locate underground utilities. 

Subsurface Utility Engineering - SUE involves managing certain risks associated with utility mapping at appropriate quality levels.

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"A/I/Data has been a trusted partner to WBCM on our civil and structural projects. They provide quality utility locating services in a professional and responsive manner. I would recommend them to anyone who needs reliable utility designation or location services."

-Blaine Linkous, P.E., P.H., LEED AP, WBCM