Private Utility Marking

Private utility marking mapPrivate Utility Investigation

A/I/DATA offers private utility detection and marking services to contractors, property owners, civil and geotechnical engineers. Unlike public utilities that are marked through the 811 or One Call system, private systems are unprotected from construction activities. Records of private systems are often inaccurate if they exist and may not be available at all. Unless these private systems are detected and marked before excavation activities begin, the risk of damage or injury is very high. The APWA/CGA standard marking colors are used by A/I/DATA to indicate the appropriate utility type and location on each site. 

What Happens If You Don't Have Reliable Utility Markings?

It can be dangerous if an excavator or other contractor fails to perform due diligence in determining potential utility conflicts prior to digging. A failure in this area opens up your project to a wide variety of problems including: 

  • Personal injury
  • Project delays
  • Costly utility relocation
  • Utility damage and costly repairs

Why Should You Hire A/I/DATA?

Utility companies are only responsible for marking public facilities and typically stop at the meters feeding private properties. Private utilities account for approximately 65 percent of all utilities in the U.S. Private utilities must be marked but this doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. 

A/I/DATA works with you to gather available utility records. Then, we dispatch a crew equipped with a variety of utility detection instruments to your project site. After evaluating the project site conditions, our crew carefully investigates both known and potentially unknown utilities within the work area. A careful field sketch of the findings and markings is made as a record of the work. A project manager reviews the sketch before it is distributed to the client. 

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"RK&K has been well served by A/I/DATA on numerous projects. A/I/DATA’s assistance in developing an understanding of the underground elements as well as their advice regarding potential conflicts and design remedies has been very useful for RK&K and our clients."

-John A. d’Epagnier, P.E., LEED AP, Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP