Underground Utility Investigation

Underground Utility Map

A/I/DATA Locates Subsurface Utilities 

Underground utility investigation is the core of A/I/DATA’s service set. We begin the process with records research in order to provide an informed depiction of existing subsurface utility systems. Whether we research past records on our own or use records provided by our clients, we use research to investigate each project area for underground utilities. A/I/DATA primarily uses electromagnetic detection methods to identify and detect public and private utility mains and services. In addition, we use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and air-vacuum test holes to explore the underground. 

Depending on the client’s needs and project type, A/I/DATA prepares documentation illustrating the existing subsurface utilities within the limits of each project. Sketches, scaled drawings, or surveyed and mapped results may be provided. These depictions include the horizontal positions of all requested utilities that might include power, gas, water, communication and other utility lines. Special methods are applied at each site to search for other unknown or undocumented utilities. Field markings are used for reference purposes when a mapped product is being produced. They can also be used for identification/warning when marking is for construction purposes. All field investigation and documentation is carefully reviewed in the office before being submitted to the client. 

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"We consider A/I/DATA to be an essential part of any project design team and rely on their extensive knowledge of utility systems, attention to detail, and proven ability to meet budget and schedule requirements to successfully complete projects for our clients. Mike, John, Lisa and the rest of their team are a pleasure to work with, and we recommend A/I/Data’s services for any project where the horizontal and vertical locations of existing underground utility systems may play a critical part in the development of proposed improvements."

-Anthony Olsen, P.E., Senior Vice President, Whitman Requardt and Associates